Dr. Kent McCorkle, or “Dr. Kent” to his students, has been privileged to teach chemistry at multiple colleges and universities over the past two decades.

adobePeriodic Table of the Elements
adobeSummary of Chemical Nomenclature Rules
adobeSolubility Rules


How I Create My Videos

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium TabletTo annotate my videos, I use the Wacom Intous Pro Pen and Touch Medium Tablet. It easily allows you to draw directly on your videos as you’re recording them.
Samson C03U USB MicrophoneFor clear, crisp audio I use the Samson C03U USB Microphone. It comes in a package that includes a heavy metal base, cable, and shock mount. I also recommend picking up the Samson PS01 Pop Filter to reduce vocal “pops”.
Camtasia Studio 8To record both audio and video, while capturing everything on the screen, I use Camtasia Studio 8. It also allows you to easily edit your recordings, render them in different formats, and post them to YouTube.